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The Worlds Most Extreme Haunted Houses. Waring-Parental Advisory Explicit Content: may not be suitable for inmature audiences or for mature audiences. This Haunted House and Forest Attraction in Patatskala, Ohio is the Darkest Show on Earth: Things you should read... What makes dead acres so bad ass? We set out to stand out. Dead Acres is a full sensory assault. Taking you by the throat and dragging you down the rabbit hole and into the realm of a heart pounding in your face horror show.. Performed nightly right before your very eyes... Things to Know... 1. opens?...the show will start around 8:30..if not don't bitch, we'll start as soon as possible. 2. how late can i come ?...thursdays til midight unless the crowd sucks and we close early..fridays and saturdays..depends on how large the crowd long as there is a line ..we sell after the bars close hurry up and get you ass to the hoochie... 3. if you are wondering if your kids are too young then your kids are too leave em at home... and that goes for ruins our good time to turn around and see your freaked out infant..whats wrong with you??? 4. if your worried about being touched don't come...we want you to have a fun safe time...but its large crowds in tight spaces..our monsters will scare the shit out of you and might touch you but they won't hurt you... 5. could i get hurt.?..yes..our advise is to not run or hit..we understand that it is a natural reaction to fear but this is what causes most don't run or hit and watch out for people that safe. 6. refunds..of course not ..once this guy pissed on his guide..then wanted his $ back..what a dumb ass. 7 rain or shine..some of our most memorable nights have been in the rain.. we'll be here be here too... 8 bring $ we sell food and merchandise..check out our store... 9 visa and master card..yes. 10..this year we feature a simulated live demon birth....if you do not want to see this.. Don't buy a ticket... our fans expect us to step it up a notch and be cutting edge..and that's what this is... this is not church..this is the Haunted Hoochie... WORKING HARD TO MAKE YOU SICK